How It Works

Step One

Do you own a product that you want to popularize!! Or are you planning to create one and wondering about the strategies to make more and more people aware of it and use it!!

The most efficient way to make people know about your stuff is through “Transact Socially” .So just start by creating the product which can be anything from eBooks, music, software or even a coupon.

Step Two

Next step is to generate a social media payment button by clicking on Create a Pay Button. Fill out the simple form and generate your button.

Step Three

Add the button to your Website .Any user visiting your site and clicking on the button to get your product will in turn be paying for it by a message to their Twitter or Facebook account and will thus be spreading a word about it among all people they know!!

Easy to Use!

Start by building a website to sell your product. The product can be any one of your choice:

( e-book, MP3, movie or anything you would like ).

Generate a button using "Transact Socially".

Place the generated button on your website.

Watch tweets and facebook posts about your product

Soon your product goes viral and will be popular!!

A totally new concept!!

Attract more and more visitors by Viral Marketing as it proves to be a credible, low cost, highly efficient way of providing the opportunity to make your product known…Paying through social networks is a small price to pay for the customers but it is valuable for you as it increases traffic to your website due to the links posted socially. It does not ask for cash payments or any sort of personal information for the products and so it a very convenient process.

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