Who should use 'Transact Socially'?

"Transact Socially" helps you to market your product and create a buzz about it….It can be used by anyone….

Music artists:

Tell people about your new music video or single. Sell your new music for a Tweet in order to popularize your new album or tour.


Let people get hang of a teaser version of your book .Sell it with a Tweet or a Facebook post and boost your sales.

Journalists and Publishers:

Sell your leading article for a Tweet to promote your magazine, newspaper or charged online service.

Consumer Brands:

Sell your latest commercial for a Tweet and make it go viral.


Sell the access to your portfolio for a Tweet and increase your degree of popularity.

Business Professionals and Scientists:

Sell your master thesis, study, paper or presentation for a Tweet and increase your popularity in your special field.

Service Provider:

Sell a basic version of your service for a Tweet and bring more people to your website where they can learn about the benefits of your charged premium service.

Film Directors and Entertainment Companies:

Sell the trailer for your upcoming movie for a Tweet and maximize the viral momentum of your marketing campaign.

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