There are numerous advantages of Viral Marketing Service. In today's world Networking and Socializing has made its way in most of the people's lives. Considering this scenario viral marketing proves to be the simplest way of promoting a website or a product. It proves to be a low cost and highly efficient way of popularizing your business.

"Transact Socially" Application requests users to pay for a product by a facebook post or a tweet and by doing so they are sharing the information about the product with all their acquaintances. So viral marketing has a great reach and it also provides you with an opportunity to generate revenue from advertisements.

1. Free advertising

2. Short term gains - gain immediate visitors.

3. Long terms gains - attracts visitors for years to come.

4. Causes exponential growth - reaches a large audience.

5. Automate your marketing methods - set it up once and forget about it.

6. Inexpensive to set-up - it primarily involves some investment of time.

7. Viral marketing tools are easy to develop i.e. you can create an e-book without knowing how to write.

8. Quickly build your reputation.

9. Easy to combine with other marketing methods - i.e. include as a bonus with other products.

10. Increase targeted traffic to your web site.

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