Pay with Tweets and Facebook Posts!.

Transact Socially' is a social payment system, where people can pay for a product with the value of their social network. It requests users to pay for a product by a facebook post or a tweet and by doing so they are sharing the information about the product with all their acquaintances.

And this way of making your product popular sometimes proves to be of a higher value as compared to the money you would get for it.

It is a really simple process. Just try it!!!

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Your users can decide if they want to pay with a tweet on Twitter or with a post on their Facebook wall to tell all their friends about you, your product and your brand.

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Who should use 'Transact Socially'?

"Transact Socially" helps you to market your product and create a buzz about it….It can be used by anyone….

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You can create the "Pay By Tweet or Facebook" Button without Registering but Registration helps you to track/Manage your download buttons. It gives you a very easy to manage platform.

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